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The Shin Pure Malt Whisky Mizunara Oak Finish [700ml]

The Shin Pure Malt Whisky Mizunara Oak Finish [700ml]

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Cask Type: Mizunara Oak Finish
Distillery: Shinobu Distillery
Alcohol Content: 48%
Volume: 750ml

The Shin Pure Malt Whisky is crafted by Mr. Ken Usami, the master blender of Shinobu Distillery who selected the finest malt whiskies and finished them in casks made of Japanese Oak, Mizunara Wood. “Shin” stands for “Integrity”, one of the core principles of Samurai tradition.

Shin Malt Whiskies are well balanced between the woody flavour and incense of sandalwood from Mizunara Oak and the bold aged maltiness, which brings The Shin Malt Whisky a fruit forward and with a bit of pepper and spice aftertaste.

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