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Myo-Cha Matcha [500ml]

Myo-Cha Matcha [500ml]

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“Tea” liqueur originating from a sake brewery in Sakai, Osaka.

“Refined sweetness, subtle bitterness, and mellow aroma can be savoured with one sip.”

Origin of the “Myocha” :

“Myocha” comes from Hoshinmyojyu, the wife of the great tea master Sennorikyu whose name  “Myo” means “excellent and superior in craftsmanship.” The name was coined in hopes that “Sennorikyu” and “Myocha” originating from Rikyugura will together create a lastingly prosperous brewery.


Uses spring water from Mt. Kongo :

The secret of the tastiness of both sake and tea is fine-quality water.  Mt. Kongo spring water has been cherished as an excellent water source and has been used to produce not only sake but also local specialties such as tofu and konnyaku. This historic, fine-quality spring water from             Mt. Kongo is used.


Matcha originating from Kyoto Uji :

The flavorful taste of Matcha with little bitterness and astringency expands throughout your mouth the moment you sip it. Uji Matcha, which was a favorite of Sennorikyu, is used.

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