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Île Four Limited Edition Junmai Daiginjo [720ml]

Île Four Limited Edition Junmai Daiginjo [720ml]

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Excellent sake rice (Yamadanishiki), a high polishing rate (50%) and a long fermentation at low temperatures turn lle Four Limited Edition into a super premium sake comparable to single cask bottling of high-end Whiskies or rare wines. This is the masterpiece of our brewers - a true 'Limited Edition’ that sake expert John Gauntner counts among the top 3-4% sake in the world. Enjoy lle Four Limited Edition chilled and pure — as Aperitf or with food. Light, delicate, very aromatic and quite complex, this sake is a great pairing with light dishes, fish or appetisers like gambas, foie gras or jamon iberico. 16% Alc. Vol., 720ml

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