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Godawan Single Malt Rich and Rounded Px Sherry Cask Edition 01 [700ML]

Godawan Single Malt Rich and Rounded Px Sherry Cask Edition 01 [700ML]

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Once upon a time, Godawan or the Great Indian Bustard could be seen all over India. Now only 150 remain. Rajasthan is now its sole and natural home, thanks to the longstanding tradition of its people to live in harmony with nature.

Godawan is the living embodiment of our culture of preservation and therefore the rightful and pround mark of our single malt. It is the first Luxury Artisanal Single malt that comes from the state of Rajasthan, making this ‘The spirits of the Desert’. Godawan Single Malt is a commitment to the community, the craftsmen and the bird that’s on the verge of extinction.

Each bottle of Godawan can be traced back to a cluster of barley farms in Rajasthan, ensuring transparency and authenticity of the product. Also aeging adds on to lots of complexity as Godawan cask looses arount 25 % of the whisky because of temperatures , which is relatively very high as compared to other whisky aeging areas.

Also slow trickle distillation and a very special aeging technique, where Godawan is also finished in special Indian aryurvedic botanicals conditioned casks, which has never been done earlier in single malt industry.


  • Godawan 01, Rich & Rounded, is a PX sherry finish, complex and robust, as one can expect from a PX sherry.
  • On the nose, ther’s honeysuckle, deep intense caramel, dried candied citrus and baklava butteriness.
  • On a sip, Amber woodiness is on the side of our palate, along with caramel and butteriness, which shines well with a couple of Ice cubes.
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